Do You Know the Rules?

Uncommon Sense - The Rules for Entrepreneurs

Uncommon Sense - The Rules for EntrepreneursFinally, my new book is near completion. It’s titled Uncommon Sense – The Rules for Entrepreneurs, Part 1.

Common sense is not so common anymore. No where is this more true as in business creation, business growth and business management. And yet so many entrepreneurs overlook it.

Uncommon Sense is entrepreneurs’ rulebook for creating value in the 21st Century.

  1. Focus groups suck
  2. Customers have 100% of the vote
  3. Don’t engage in self-love
  4. Don’t buy anything
  5. Think crazy. Act Lazy
    And many others…

I would love for you to join my early notification list. I will keep you updated regularly as the book inches towards its release date AND you will get a special link to get the book for FREE when it launches.

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