Terrence Brown Creates Value

Creating Value

Howard Stern creates value too

For some idiotic reason Howard Stern appear on one prominent year ending list – “Biggest Losers of the Year.” The dope that created that list needs to get his head examined. Howard is creating value for Sirius, the satellite radio company. Since it was announced that Howard was moving, literally millions of new subscribers have signed up. Getting Howard wasn’t cheap, but Sirius willingly coughed up the cash to the amount of $500 million, yes million over 5 years. But is was recently announced that Sirius not only coughed up the cash, but also cough up stock.

“Sirius had disclosed last week that it was giving Stern and his agent, Don Buchwald, 34.4 million shares post-haste–because the firm had already reached certain undisclosed goals for subscriber growth.” This stock is valued at over $200 million. But why is Sirius gladly paying is much? Well it was there deep hope that signing Howard would rocket them to the top, and just a week into Howards reign, the evidence has confirmed their hopes. Howard creates value for Sirius stockholder. And now, unfortunate for Howard and his right hand man super-agent Don Buchwald, Howard is one of the largest of those stockholders.

P.S. Howard also is creating value for the millions of fans and listeners who now get a chance to experience Howard unbound by the shackles of terrestrial radio.

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